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What Makes a Luxury Kitchen

What is a Luxury Kitchen?

What makes a luxury kitchen, really luxurious? Answering that question requires exploring the word luxury itself…

The Cambridge dictionary defines luxury as:

Great comfort, especially as provided by expensive and beautiful things

Cambridge Dictionary

Rarely do we find that Luxury is achieved at the lowest price. This is partly because beauty and comfort are both so subjective to the individual, one person’s beauty is very different to another’s. So in the pursuit of something truly special, the Maranatha team continually strive to provide excellent value for money. Ensuring that the final result exceeds expectations.

A Maranatha luxury kitchen provides you with both great comfort, and beauty. It will be a room you’ll walk into and enjoy, but it will also allow you to relax and make everything you do in it that little bit easier. Everything is designed around how you live.

Rose Gold Luxury Kitchen
Luxury Kitchen with Rose Gold Features

Because Comfort Matters

Firstly luxury shines a spotlight on comfort in so many ways. So rather than have cupboards that are a standard size, luxury provides cupboards that are customised. Providing space for those rather large plates or odd shaped saucepans.

Secondly luxury shouts that you don’t have to contend with standard size and shaped worktops that don’t make the most of the space or room. Luxury has a fold out step so you can easily reach those higher cupboards, then it disappears from view.

Moreover luxury places everything where you want and need it – not just where it fits. Wine racks in the size that matches your favourite bottle, cushioned to protect those extra special vintages.

Creating a new luxury kitchen can transform the way you feel about the hub of your home. It’s finding the perfect colour, that you’ll love for years to come, not just choosing from a selection of 6 current trends. It’s materials you can’t stop running your hands over, materials you talk about with friends over dinner, discussing their creation or sustainability.

Your new kitchen will be beautiful, every line, corner, edge, shelf, door crafted to perfection. Every aspect of the room created to make you smile.

Experiencing Luxury

In the early days after my kitchen was finished, I would walk into the room and couldn’t stop smiling. Since it was fitted, I’ve found myself discarding items I thought I liked, because they just didn’t enhance the materials or shapes in the room I love. My kitchen has made me appreciate spending that bit more because the results brighten my home, providing comfort day after day.

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