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Tomorrows World Kitchen

Here at Maranatha Kitchens & Bathrooms we are forward thinking in our approach to design.  A kitchen, for us, must be both beautiful and functional.  We believe the experience in the kitchen should take advantage of the technology available but incorporate the most flawless design and speak of luxury. 

In this world of technology why not channel this in the kitchen, the hub of the home, the room where you spend most of your time.  From designer ovens with WIFI technology, induction hobs that supply instant heat safely or a boiling water tap that supplies chilled, sparkling and boiling water at the touch of a button.

Our unique island system can come with an extendable breakfast bar or additional worktop which will reveal on command, either by the push of a button of by using voice activated WIFI technology.  When you say ‘Alexa, open the breakfast bar’ the concealed piece of furniture will slide out flawlessly.  This is great as you can take advantage of extra floor space whilst the bar is not in use but then have the extra worktop space when you need it. We are launching this exiting unique island system on Saturday 19th October with the reveal of our brand-new, unique futuristic kitchen in our Chester showroom.  Why not come along and join us for a coffee and breakfast and experience a tomorrows world kitchen.

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