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The Maranatha Story…

My parents began Maranatha Luxury Kitchens and Bathrooms from our shed in 1991. Soon after, my mum had had enough and insisted we move! That’s when we set up our kitchen design studio and workshop just outside Chester in North Wales.

The Congo

Even in the Congo, beautiful craftsmanship is worth working hard for.
Bespoke Carpentry – Congo Style!

However, the real Maranatha story begins three years earlier when my parents were running a carpentry project.

However, we weren’t in England or Wales. We were in the Democratic Republic of Congo in the middle of the African rainforest. And yes, we were more or less cut off – no internet in those days!

At Maranatha we've always liked to get our hands dirty, although crafting a luxury kitchen is a little different to lifting a car out of the mud

And roads? Well, we had some…made mainly of mud!

I loved it! As did my brother and sister too! But all such things come to an end.

The mud roads of the Congo, a long way from where Maranatha Kitchens are today

Back in the UK

So fast forward to our first premises on Deeside in Flintshire – which has been home to our Maranatha luxury kitchen company for the past 26 years.

Funnily enough, in comparison with building and growing a kitchen design business, those African mud roads seem like child’s play! We’ve survived through booms, recessions, credit crunches and now pandemics. But I think it was something about what we learnt in the Congo and keeps us going through it all. And that is, that if we work as a team, we can get through anything.

Of course, our team work includes the special clients and people we have worked with and worked for over the many years. Across Cheshire, The Wirral, Manchester and North Wales, people have opened up their homes and shared their dreams with us.

The kitchen – we know – is the heart of the home. It is where we do family. And that’s why we recognise how important it is that we help each client get their special Maranatha luxury kitchen just right!

We pride ourselves on our unique ability of both exceptional kitchen design as well as bespoke carpentry to deliver a truly bespoke and luxury finish.

Maranatha Luxury Kitchens Today

Today, I run Maranatha with my brother and sister and we’re helped by our children too.

We are exceptionally fortunate to include gifted designers and talented crafs people in our team. They help us deliver a bespoke service and enable unique designs that are a perfect fit for our client’s homes.

Sometimes we think back to 1991 – or earlier – and those carpentry projects of boat and furniture building on old laths and antiquated machinery. And it is hard to imagine how things would turn out.

However, what connects both the Congo and our design studio and workshop is a love of seeing craftspeople create exceptional work. And the joy of seeing how their work changes the lives of their clients.

We’ve always believe that you can’t get an exceptional kitchen from a catalogue. We’ve also believed in bespoke, unique designs and exceptional craftspersonship.

And these are values that my father taught me as I watched him working in his workshop with his Congelese colleagues. And these are values that I seek to bring and sustain in Maranatha Luxury Kitchens and Bathrooms today.

If you feel that your home deserves the very best, then do please all us on tel:01244 455667 or click here to book a consultation with our Head Designer.

We very much look forward to meeting you and helping you create the beautifully designed and carefully created hub of your home.

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