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How can we help you achieve your dream kitchen?

The four-part recipe for your perfect Kitchen – Part 4

So how do you go about getting the perfect family space? At Maranatha, we can transform your Kitchen into something unique and bespoke.

So we put together this designer bespoke luxury kitchen guide to help you create your perfect space. There are four ingredients:





Last time we talked about ‘Bespoke ‘, so this time let us talk about the fourth and final ingredient ‘Luxury.’

Luxury is defined as meaning a state of great comfort or elegance.’ More widely it means opulence, sumptuousness, richness and even grandeur. Its synonyms include smart, stylish, upmarket, fancy, high-class, fashionable, and chic.

Bespoke Kitchen Seating Area Build in Fintshire Workshop
Luxurious Bespoke Handcrafted Seating Area Makes The Kitchen a Home Hub

Luxury Bespoke Designer Kitchen

People often talk about ‘luxury’ kitchens, but what does this mean? What is a luxury Kitchen? How do you define what a Luxury Kitchen means?

You see the phrase used a lot often by the big kitchen manufacturers and well-known retailer brands to convey a high-value product with a sense of quality or craftsmanship. It is also usually associated with something that is ‘special’ or ‘upmarket’.

There is no absolute definition of what makes a luxury kitchen. For some people, it’s about the materials and finishes. For others, it’s the highest quality appliances and a contemporary open floor plan.

In our view, there are six key components that make a luxury kitchen. So a luxury kitchen must include the following:

1.The Layout. An open floor plan instantly creates a feeling of luxury. The kitchen becomes a social space for family and friends to congregate, and the expansiveness of the room allows for multiple seating and work areas, it’s great for entertaining and hosting dinner parties.

2. Luxury Kitchen Appliances -including double ovens, built-in refrigerators, a second prep sink and instant hot/cold and sparkling water tap will all add a sense of richness to the room.

3. Custom made and designed cabinets and storage solutions – made to order, built to fit and definitely not from stock

4. Stylish, high-quality lighting- key to creating a subtle luxury nuance. Having a mix of metals, multiple textures, and bold colours make that overall feel that sets apart an ample family space.

5. Striking and durable work surfaces made from the very best materials.

6. Luxury flooring – that withstands heavy foot traffic dropped dishes, and more, but still has an upscale look. Top-quality flooring does come at a price, but it’s typically worth every penny in durability and lifespan. From natural stone to exotic hardwood, there are so many choices.

A luxury kitchen should exude style, sophistication, prosperity and success. At Maranatha, we work hard to incorporate all of these when we build you dream designer bespoke luxury kitchen. We call this, a fully bespoke service.

We Don’t Do Catalogue Kitchens!

We don’t stockpile kitchen cabinets. We don’t even start making your cabinets until the design team has your kitchen design exactly as you want it. This not only means less waste material, but it also means you get a genuinely bespoke dream designer luxury kitchen. That is, something that fits your kitchen space perfectly, optimises every opportunity and is built to last.

Luxury Dining and Entertaining Kitchen Space -Manchester

Of course, a luxury kitchen is one that is unique to each and every client. There is no standard sizing, and we create a kitchen to fit all shapes and sizes of room, and whilst we have previous kitchen projects that can be followed for inspiration, we create unique designs for every client. We use the finest materials to produce beautiful, high quality and timeless kitchen cabinetry. With the choice of any fascia colour or exposed natural timbers

At Maranatha. a luxury kitchen is a family space that is 100% tailor-made and designed for the client and is unique.

Would you like to sit down with our head designer and design your perfect luxury kitchen? Please call us on 01244 455667or tobook a consultation send us a message via our form here.

Our amazing Design team

Our design team here at Maranatha is headed up by our talented head designer, Nick. The team use their creative talent in both a dynamic and a proficient way. That means that as a team we bounce ideas off each other to ensure that Maranatha offers you an imaginative, bespoke, and well-designed room. We design with creativity and originality, engaging with current trends and innovations. We are also practical too and make sure that our designs make the most of your kitchen space and last for many years. As a result you end up with an individual and inspired family space.

You can find out more about the design process and how we create dream designer bespoke kitchen spaces HERE

Our Workshop

Our Workshop
Treble Clef shelf being made in our Workshop

Because we have our own workshop on site, equipped with modern machinery and traditional woodworking tools, the design team can work very closely with our team of time-served, highly skilled cabinet makers and crafts people. That is what makes the family spaces we create completely unique.

You can see some of the amazing designs and family spaces we have created in our Gallery HERE.

Building bespoke luxury designer kitchens is what we love doing. Every project we do is entirely tailored to your needs, tastes, and the shape of your home.

If you would like to sit down with our head designer and design your perfect luxury kitchen, please call us on  01244 455667. Or book a consultation or send us a message via our form here.

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