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A luxury kitchen in Mold, North Wales

Bespoke Maranatha Kitchen – Mold

A contemporary designer bespoke kitchen ‘we were confident it would be good, but it’s above and beyond what we expected !!’

A luxury Kitchen in Mold ,North Wales
It’s a lovely family entertaining space

We like to keep in touch with our customers and see how they are, so a few days ago; we had a chat with Wendy Taylor and her husband Ian Taylor who we built a new kitchen for in 2017.

The Taylor’s live in a Five Bedroom three-storey house on the outskirts of Mold that they moved into when it was new in 2006.

It was great to catch up with them to see if they were making the most of their new Maranatha Kitchen.

Maranatha: Wendy, why did you choose Maranatha for your new kitchen?

Wendy: ‘We bought the house new in 2006 and like all new houses it came with a newly fitted kitchen. After 12 years, the kitchen was looking a little tired and needed replacing.

I knew Mike and the family and wanted to use a company with a good reputation and, of course, one we could trust.

We went to visit the showroom and took some photos to show the styles and colours we wanted. Our daughter had even put together a board of colours and pictures on Pinterest that we shared with Maranatha.

We went back a few weeks later to see the design proposal on screen, and we were delighted as Mike has listened to what we said and looked carefully at the pictures we had shared. 

It is fair to say that the design concept was above and beyond what we expected. The only things we wanted to change was adding a wine fridge and a wall unit to display our glassware. I think the design process was outstanding. ‘

Maranatha: Why did you want a new Kitchen?

Wendy: ‘When we first moved into the house we were thrilled to have a kitchen with an island, but we soon realised the island made the kitchen feel like it was a bit cramped, and it didn’t make use of the space very well. It did not have a very effective ‘Work Triangle’ between the hob, sink and fridge.  I also was wanted something with a more upmarket look and feel with some contemporary finishes and materials -a real designer bespoke kitchen.’

We love the curves in our Maranatha kitchen

Maranatha: How long did the work take?

Wendy: ‘We first spoke to you in October, and the work started on the 1st December to finish by Christmas. However, there was some really heavy snow, and a supplier let you down, which I know Mike was cross about. So that delayed things, and everything was fully finished at the end of January 2018. As there were factors beyond your control, we were pleased with the timescale, especially as you made sure we had a functioning kitchen at Christmas!

Maranatha: How much disruption was there whilst we fitted your new kitchen?

Wendy: ‘Very little, it was much easier than we thought it would be. Everything was neat and tidy – your fitter Danny brought all his materials, appliances and tools in and out via the back door, and that minimised the disruption.

We were impressed that once you knew it would not be ready for Christmas, you ensured that all the appliances were working and the kitchen was usable.

Danny was terrific and worked hard with tremendous attention to detail. He even came in when the snow was really bad – one day when snowed in; he still came in as soon as possible and didn’t just write the whole day off.’

Maranatha: Once the kitchen was finished, what features did you particularly like?

Wendy: ‘Well, there are so many a couple of years on. I still love running my hands along the curves and feeling the surfaces and textures. We also love the Coffee station, the Oak Crate Storage Drawers and of course, the circular peninsular.’

Maranatha: Was there any particular feature that’s made a big difference to your home?

Wendy: ‘The whole flow of the kitchen really– the curves the use of space. It is amazing how, with the same basic shape and room dimension, you have made it feel so much roomier .’ 

Maranatha: What’s the best thing about your kitchen?

Wendy: ‘It made a kitchen into a ‘family space’ and its great for entertaining family and friends.  We love having people around for lunch, and during the lockdown, we have missed that. Our daughter runs a food business in Mold, and of course, the pandemic has severely restricted the opening hours, so she has used some of the time to bake and develop recipes, so that’s been lovely.

Making good use of our Maranatha Kitchen in Lockdown – Cakes for Lovelies Delights

Maranatha: We aim to make ‘Contemporary Fusion Designer Bespoke Kitchens’. Did we achieve this in your case?

Wendy: ‘Yes, absolutely, we were confident it would be good, but it’s above and beyond what we expected !!’

Maranatha: Finally, would you recommend other people looking for a ‘Contemporary Fusion Designer Bespoke Kitchens’ in and around Mold choose us?

Wendy: ‘I certainly would!  I’ve recommended you to several neighbours and friends. You have also done some work for my daughters boutique eatery – Lovelies Delights in Mold and I know she is thrilled with what you have done .’ 

Maranatha: Thanks so much for talking to us about your experience. Wendy, it has been a great pleasure to speak to you?

Wendy: ‘You’re welcome, great to speak to you too!!’

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