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“My new Maranatha Kitchen showed me how much I love baking and cooking and … I love the fact that nearly four years down the line, my kitchen still looks as if it has been recently installed.”

Picture of Bespoke Kitchen The Wirral
“Nearly 4 years later, my Maranatha kitchen looks brand new!”

Key Bespoke Challenge: under stairs pantry converted into a downstairs toilet.

We do love to keep in touch with our customers so a few days ago we had a chat with Susan Monks who we built a new bespoke kitchen for on The Wirral, in 2017. Subsequently, we have done further work for her on her bathroom.

Susan is a retired Teacher and lives in a 1930s semi-detached in Bebington on The Wirral. We wanted to know how Susan was and how things are going with her kitchen.

Maranatha: Susan, why did you choose Maranatha for your new kitchen?

Susan: ‘I found out about you from some personal recommendations from friends who were delighted with the work you had done. This was important to me as I was nervous about having major work done in the house and needed to find people I could trust. I only wanted to use someone recommended to me.

Maranatha: Why did you want a new Kitchen?

Susan: ‘I love cooking and baking, especially I wanted my kitchen to feel special, luxurious, a place I wanted to spend a lot of time in and of course, my old kitchen was getting a little tired and needed replacing.’

Susan Monks ‘my Bespoke Luxury Designer Dream Kitchen’

Maranatha: How long did the work take?

Susan: ‘You said to expect it to take 5-6 weeks and that’s what it took. I was pleased everything was on time.’

Maranatha: How much disruption was there whilst we fitted your new bespoke kitchen?

Susan: ‘A lot less than I expected or feared. It was an easy low-stress experience. I was promised a ‘turnkey’ approach that they would coordinate everything, and I would have nothing to worry about other than waiting for my dream bespoke kitchen! That’s precisely what happened. The Maranatha team were so highly skilled and their work ethic was incredible. They worked extremely hard. There were so clean and tidy too! One of my neighbours had a kitchen fitted by another company, and they had left all the appliances and cabinets in the house in the weeks before fitting, and I was anxious that I would have that problem, but I didn’t at all. Everything was delivered just before installation, so that really helped.’

Maranatha: Once the kitchen was finished, what features did you particularly like?

Susan: ‘I love the fact that everything in my kitchen is so easily accessible. Mike convinced me to have an eye-level oven. It has been brilliant, particularly with the hide & slide door. Whilst staying at my Mum’s during the lockdown, I realised how much harder using a conventional style oven is.

I love the underfloor heating. I wasn’t particularly keen at first, but it has been amazing. What was once quite a cold kitchen is now ‘toasty warm’.There are so many things I love about it – my plinth drawer; for instance, I saw my neighbour had one in his – and I wanted one and I love it. As I bake a lot, I also really like having a proving oven for my bread. Those glass sides on the cabinets make it feel very upmarket and luxurious too.’

Maranatha: Was there any particular feature that’s made a big difference to your home?

Susan: ‘The conversion of the under stairs pantry into a downstairs toilet. I was amazed that you managed to do that. As you can imaging with this being a 1930’s house, there was no downstairs toilet, so this makes such a difference!’

Susan Monks ‘my Bespoke Kitchen – The Wirral’

Maranatha: What’s the best thing about your kitchen?

Susan: ‘Well, two things actually! Firstly that it showed me how much I love baking and cooking and has given me a special space in my home where I want to spend time doing one of my favourite things !! Secondly, I love the fact that nearly four years down the line, my kitchen still looks as if it has been recently installed.’

Maranatha: We aim to make Dream Designer Bespoke Luxury Kitchens did we achieve all four in your case?

Susan: ‘Definitely!’

Maranatha: Finally, would you recommend other people looking for a Dream Designer Bespoke Luxury Kitchen choose us?

Susan: ‘You were recommended to me, of course, and I have recommended you to several friends and neighbours on The Wirral. And of course, you have been back since and done my bathroom for me. Your head designer Nick even helped me decide what to do about my hallway!’

Maranatha: Thanks so much for talking to us about your experience. Susan, it has been a great pleasure to speak to you.

Susan: ‘You’re welcome lovely to speak to you too!!’

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