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‘I feel lucky to have such a great Kitchen with materials and a design that stands the test of time.’

We like to keep in touch with our customers and see how they are so a few days ago we had a chat with Ian Jameson who we built a new kitchen for in 2018, and who we helped remodel the downstairs of his home.
Ian retired from the legal profession a couple of years ago and lives in a 1970’s 3-bed semi-detached house in Chester. It was great to catch up with Ian to see if he was making the most of his new Maranatha Kitchen.

Maranatha: Ian, why did you choose Maranatha for your new kitchen?

Ian: ‘I bought this house a couple of years ago as a ‘project’ as I was ‘downsizing’ for my retirement. I knew it was a blank canvas, and that’s what I wanted. I needed to find a provider who could install a luxury designer bespoke kitchen. I was looking for a space that was designed for me and my new home.

I found out about you from a personal recommendation, but I wanted to get some quotations from two other providers so I could understand why your offering was so premium. I wanted to see what I would be getting for my money compared to cheaper mainstream kitchen providers.

Maranatha were the only ones who took the time and trouble to come and see me and produce some visual concepts that showed they understood what I wanted. The visuals ultimately reflected the dream kitchen I  had in my head

I loved the fact that you had a generous palette of bespoke materials, and everything was made to order. The other two providers were offering me standard units in the default gloss white and no visuals they were just trying to sell me a Kitchen. ‘

Maranatha: Why did you want a new Kitchen?

Ian: ‘I wanted something very minimalist with clean contemporary lines and made from high-quality materials that were easy to keep clean with no clutter. I wanted plenty of storage too. I was refurbishing the whole house and wanted the kitchen to play a starring role.’

Maranatha: How long did the work take?

Ian: ‘I first spoke to you in June, and the work was completed by September. I was amazed how quickly everything came together, especially as you also did the remodelling of the downstairs .’

Maranatha: How much disruption was there whilst we fitted your new kitchen?

Ian: ‘Well you were doing all the building work in the downstairs too, and you made it easy for me I was dealing with the Electrician already because he was rewiring the house anyway, but you dealt with all the other trades it was a real ‘Turnkey’ operation, so I appreciated that. Its was good not to have the challenge for finding good builders and plasterers for the other work!

The Maranatha team were highly skilled; their work ethic was incredible. They worked extremely hard. I can only really describe your Kitchen Fitter as a genius .’

Maranatha: Once the kitchen was finished, what features did you particularly like?

Ian: ‘I like the light and airy feel to the kitchen the flow into the living room. I like the bespoke materials, in particular, the ‘Graphite Denver Oak’ used for the storage built around the ovens.’

Maranatha: Was there any particular feature that’s made a big difference to your home?

Ian: ‘Well obviously as you remodelled the whole downstairs it’s made a big difference generally. Specifically, I love the storage you have built around the double ovens to fill the entire alcove. The other providers did not suggest using the alcove. Its added a lot of extra storage and made the kitchen feel so much bigger.’

Maranatha: What’s the best thing about your kitchen?

Ian: ‘So many things to choose from! I like the fact that it was actually ‘designed’ for me and my home. The materials used have stood the test of time; it still looks brand new. I paid more than I would have with the other providers, but I know what I got for that and feel I had value for money.’

Maranatha: We aim to make Dream Designer Bespoke Luxury Kitchens did we achieve all four in your case?

Ian: ‘Yes, absolutely all four but in particular Designer and Bespoke!!’

Maranatha: Finally, would you recommend other people looking for a Dream Designer Bespoke Luxury Kitchen in Chester choose us?

Ian: ‘I certainly would! You have been back on several occasions to do other smaller projects for me. I love the ‘Graphite Denver Oak’ used for the alcove storage units, so you have used the same material to make me bespoke doors for the upstairs, some cabinets for the hall and bedroom and bannisters for the stairs. The kitchen design was so good it’s strongly influenced the way I’ve refurbished the whole house.’  

Maranatha: Thanks so much for talking to us about your experience. Ian, it has been a great pleasure to speak to you?

Ian: ‘You’re welcome great to speak to you too!!’

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