Bespoke Kitchen – Buckley, Flintshire, North Wales

The Brief

Bespoke Kitchen Buckley Flintshire North Wales
What was a galley kitchen becomes a beautiful family space.

Designing this kitchen was a real pleasure and a great experience. The customers previous dishwasher had set alight in the night and burned their 25 year old kitchen down! Fortunately the smoke alarms did their job and Mr and Mrs Jones got out of the house safely and in good time.

From disaster came the opportunity to change the purpose of this part of their home from a Kitchen where food and meals were prepared to a ‘Family Space’ .The fire meant that this was a ‘blank canvas’. So the family asked me to design them something both practical and desirable.

The Kitchen Design Original
The Kitchen Design Original

As with all good family spaces they wanted to utilise all the room available for a bespoke family-based Kitchen where you could cook, work and relax in the same area.

They wanted a designer bespoke kitchen – something unique and visually stunning. All with the best materials and highest quality kitchen appliances.

The Process

The kitchen area is quite large but is a long and narrow space. So the challenge was to create a room which didn’t look like a ‘galley kitchen’. By designing sliding door tracks at each end, we used the full space to create an informal seating area to eat and relax . I designed the room to create a ‘cooking zone’, a ‘working zone’ and a ‘relaxing zone’.

We added all the latest Siemens appliances including steam and combination self-cleaning ovens and even a built in Coffee machine. Alongside these we installed an “all in one ZIP tap” incorporating boiling, cold filtered, and sparkling water to give the kitchen the ultimate luxury touch.

Bespoke Kitchen Fits Perfectly
Gaining Maximum Advantage From the Available Space

Key Bespoke Design features

At the other end of the room I designed a built-in seating area along with a matching bespoke table made in our near Chester workshop. We added dresser style units and open shelving with LED lighting in and around the wall units. This created a softer glow at night than the typical kitchen spotlights.

Bespoke Kitchen Seating Area Build in Fintshire Workshop
Bespoke Handcrafted Seating Area Makes The Kitchen a Home Hub

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Individual Design Touch

Copper Hood and Handles
Brushed Copper Kitchen Hood and Handles

The copper materials combined with the Elica Dolce hood and matching handles give an elegant feel to the rest of the room. This combination creates a ‘softer’ look than a more conventional stainless steel kitchens.

Attention to detail in materials and craftsmanship is what we strive for in each kitchen design. We have an incredibly gifted team for all stages of our projects from the design, to the workshop lads (who make the bespoke fits possible), to our installer who puts it all together in your home. It is very satisfying when we see a project really go from concept (on the computer) to reality in our customers’ homes.

The Result

Bespoke Kitchen Touches

With this kitchen I was aiming to deliver a use of space which the familiy could actually enjoy and relax in. For over 25 years they had used the kitchen purely as a cooking room but, once transformed, it has become the hub of the house, as a true kitchen should be.

We really enjoy helping our customers make the right choices and we love making the whole process enjoyable and exciting for them by managing it from beginning to end.

In this case I know that Mr and Mrs Jones are delighted and we met their objective. Even better we have exceeded their hopes and dreams for their new bespoke kitchen family and social space.

Bespoke Kitchen Buckley Flintshire North Wales
What was a galley kitchen becomes a beautiful family space.

Head Designer at Maranatha Kitchens

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