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5 Things to Consider When Replacing a Kitchen in Your New Home

So, you’ve just bought your new home and you love it. However your kitchen just isn’t quite up to standard and is in need of some real TLC. Maybe you’ve invested in a larger project of improving the whole house, or it could just be that the kitchen quite frankly isn’t to your taste. Before you go ahead and buy, here’s five things you should take in to consideration.

What’s your Long-term Plan?

So this may seem like an odd question to ask when you’ve just bought your new house, but what are your long term plans? Are you thinking of moving again in the next 4 to 5 years, or is this house your ‘forever home’? This will determine what design and ultimately how much you want to invest into your new kitchen.

If you’re someone who likes super out there, futuristic designs, but are only planning on being in the house for a few or more years then maybe this isn’t the house to get your super colourful kitchen you’ve always wanted. But instead maybe a more neutral, contemporary design that will aid you when it comes to the re-sale of the property is best.

However, if this is your forever home, then go as extravagant and as bold as you like and enjoy the kitchen of your dreams.


Understand your Space

It’s most likely that the kitchen you’ve inherited in your new home is going to be a different layout or design to your previous kitchen. So, take time to understand the space and see how you use it. It may have the sink or the hob in different places to what you’re used to or the cutlery draw might be on the other side of the room. All these things make a big impact to the functionality of the room. Take a good number of months just to live in the space and figure out the practicality of how you use it.

What Do You Need?

Now you’ve got a better idea about the space you’re working with, look at what it is that you need in your kitchen. There are the standards such as your fridge and cooker but what about the extras. Items like a dish washer, wine fridge, or a warming drawer are all things that can really add to how the kitchen functions for you. A kitchen should represent its owner, so therefor the items that are in the kitchen should benefit you.

Set a Budget

It’s common knowledge that kitchens are not something that you buy every day. They are an investment in to your daily routine and impacts you and whoever else lives with you. It’s important to set a clear budget that you can afford when looking to invest in your kitchen. Also take in to consideration the fact that you’ve just bought a house. Especially if you’re a first time buyer who is new to having mortgage and bill payments re-occurring each month. Please take care and plan accordingly to your financial situation before committing yourself.

Choosing Your Kitchen Design

Arguably the best bit. Now you’ve got your budget, you know what you need in your new kitchen and you understand the space, lets get designing. Here at Maranatha, we work with our customers in designing a space that meets your requirements. It’s important to bare in mind that if you go with a larger kitchen chain or manufacturer, you will have less of a choice as to what you can design and fit in your space. That’s why going with a bespoke company, like ourselves, you will be able to get the kitchen that complies with all your desires.

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